About Pex is a preprocessor and a build management system for Pyrex, or Cython. Among other things, Pex adds the ability to conveniently write C fast numerics using numpy.ndarray, frees you from Makefiles and header files, and makes your Pyrex classes serializable, through both pickling and a faster scheme. To the user, Pex looks like a programming language that is much like Python, but with additional syntax, through which it can be made to run as fast as C in settings all the way from small numerical loops to large scale systems.

Pyrex is a Python to C compiler with the added functionality of C fast function calls, an object system with C fast attribute access and method invocation, and extra syntax that allows mixing-in of C code. Most of the functionality of the language is in Pyrex, and its author Greg Ewing deserves the majority of the credit.

Platform Support Works on Linux, and Mac (everything but the nicer coredump behavior).
Windows is not supported, though it is probably close to working with cygwin.
Download pex-1.2.tar.gz
Documentation Manual

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